Toyota reportedly working on a RAV4 Hybrid SUV

Koei Saga, Toyota’s managing officer of hybrid system development, said that Toyota has plans to build a hybrid version of the RAV4 compact SUV. In an interview with Dow Jones, Saga said, “Toyota needs to accelerate the 2020 goal to hybridize all the Toyota models.”

Toyota has previously said that it plans on introducing 10 new hybrids globally by 2012. Saga was quoted saying that Toyota is planning a RAV4 Hybrid for the China market “as soon as possible.”

He did not offer a concrete schedule as to when Toyota will offer a RAV4 Hybrid or which markets will get the compact hybrid SUV.

Of course, we’re pretty certain that if Toyota does produce a RAV4 Hybrid it will eventually make its way to the stateside. As points out, the U.S. is the largest global market for hybrid vehicles and there is no compact SUV hybrid available to U.S. consumers as of yet.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor