Ford would expect more from UAW if workers agree to deeper concessions with GM, Chrysler

Marty Mulloy, Ford’s vice president of labor affairs said today that if the UAW agrees to deeper concessions with GM and Chrysler, it too would expect a similar deal. Ford, which has already received significant concessions from the UAW in March, has not taken any loans from the U.S. government.

“Obviously, Ford would not want to be placed in a disadvantaged situation verses the other two companies, so we would have further discussions with the UAW for further modifications,” Mulloy said. “Our expectation is that we would not be placed in a disadvantage.”

GM and Chrysler are both in talks with the UAW and debt holders to make concessions as they craft a viable restructuring plan.

Mulloy said that since Ford made its last deal with the UAW, market conditions have worsened.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Free Press