Miscellaneous Thoughts: How is Subaru surviving tough times, Schwarzenegger hearts Detroit, we get a new logo

In an effort to keep in touch with our visitors, we are introducing a new feature today on egmCarTech called “Miscellaneous Thoughts.” The new post will allow us to keep a more conversational feel to the site while letting our visitors know what’s on our mind and what other automotive related news we read that we usually don’t end up writing about here. So here it is – our bunch of miscellaneous thoughts for April 22nd, 2008.

How is Subaru’s boring non-green approach working in tough economic times? Check out this interesting article by Forbes on MSNBC.

– Arnold Schwarzenegger hearts Motor City: Check out Detroit News’s interview with the Governator.

Q : So you don’t hate Detroit?
A : I never did. I always loved Detroit. I’m a big car collector. I have a lot of cars myself. I just believe that we should not villainize SUVs or villainize the Hummers or villainize the big cars, but we should villainize the old technology and say we can do better

– Gov. Jennifer Granholm stands up for Chrysler: Banks’ behavior toward Chrysler ‘unacceptable’ – Detroit News

Bill Ford was on Larry King last night: Check it out on CNN Video

Finally, we’re sporting a new logo today: What are your thoughts? Oh, and for everyone wondering, eGM stands for eGadgetMag (our “kind-of” parent company). We have nothing to do with General Motors.

– By: Omar Rana