Fiat denies reports that Chrysler deal is 90 percent complete

Bruno Vitali, head of the automotive sector of the Fim-Cisl Italian union, said that he met with UAW President Ron Gettlefinger today. A reported by Italian wire service ANSA quoted Vitali saying that the “Fiat-Chrysler deal is ready and could be signed as soon as this afternoon.” According to Automotive News, the publication said that Vitali said that the deal was “90 percent done.”

Vitali said the UAW and CAW had both accepted Chrysler and Fiat’s requests.

Fiat later released a statement denying Vitali’s comments.

“No agreement has been concluded between Chrysler and trade unions in the U.S. and Canada and the assertion that the overall agreement has been 90% defined is untrue. The talks remain completely open and it is not currently possible to predict the timing or the outcome.”

Vitali later told Reuters that there had been “no agreement regarding the Chrysler issue. The UAW also released a statement quoting Gettlefinger saying that the talks are “ongoing.”

– By: Omar Rana