Nissan doesn’t want to compete with the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight, focusing on EVs instead

Speaking at the 2009 Shanghai Motor Show, Nissan’s Senior Vice President Andy Palmer said that Nissan has no interest in competing with Honda and Toyota in the gasoline-electric hybrid small car segment. Palmer said that Nissan plans to focus on all-electric zero-emission vehicles instead.

“We think it’s a more persuasive technology,” Palmer told Automotive News. “That’s where we’re directing our efforts. In the small cars, it’s clear we’re going to make the EV happen.”

Toyota and Honda are pushing forward with 2010 models of their hybrid lineup. Toyota is also working on a hybrid version of the Yaris while Honda is working on a hybrid version of the Fit.

Nissan will introduce its first electric-vehicle in the U.S. as early as 2010 and will mass market it globally in 2012.

Check out our first drive of the Nissan Cube EV Prototype.

Nissan Cube EV Prototype:

– By: Kap Shah