Volkswagen considering ‘R’ models for the stateside

Volkswagen of America told Inside Line that it is considering bringing the recently unveiled Volkswagen Tiguan R Line to the United States along with other R models.

“The R Line Tiguan is under consideration but no decision at this time,” VW of America spokesman Steve Keyes told the publication in an e-mail. “We’re also looking at other R models, but it’s still in the investigation stage.”

Volkswagen Individual has designed a Tiguan R Line model for the European market, which gives the compact crossover aggressive styling touches along with 19-inch multi-spoke alloy wheels.

We’re guessing this will help Volkswagen boost the so far dismal sales of the Tiguan; however, we’re excited to see other R models take over our highways.


Volkswagen Tiguan R Line:



– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Inside Line