Auto show models facing the wrath of angry taxpayers

Ever since GM and Chrysler have started receiving federal loans, a job as a “booth professional” or “product presenter” has gotten very difficult. Before it was a pretty straightforward job where all you had to do was answer questions about the vehicle and its pricing info.

However, now models have become the target of taxpayers who are attending these auto shows. At the 2009 New York Auto Show a model who was pitching the Dodge Circuit received some criticism that was obviously geared towards Chrysler.

“Why now?” asked Donald Han, an accountant from Queens. “How come you”ve got to nearly go bankrupt before you come out with a car like this?”

“I try to explain that we”re not involved in corporate decisions, so complaining to us doesn”t really make a lot of sense,” said Kerri Moss, a model standing next to the Jeep 4X4 Laredo. “And if that doesn”t work, I tell them we”re doing the best we can.”

One woman even went as far as saying that GM was responsible for the death of American soldiers in Iraq. Why? Her argument was that if GM made more fuel-efficient vehicles, the country wouldn’t need so much oil, and if the U.S. didn’t need oil, American troops wouldn’t have gone to invade Iraq.

To all the booth professionals and auto show models, we appreciate everything you do at the show. Besides standing and looking pretty you also provide show goers a detailed rundown on each vehicle.

– By: Kap Shah

Source: NYT