Video: Tesla’s Elon Musk calls NYT reporter a “huge douchebag… and an idiot”

Why did he say that? Let’s give you guys some background first. Basically, to move forward with the production of the Tesla Model S four-door-coupe sedan, Tesla Motors has requested a total of $350 million from the Department of Energy.

Now Elon Musk is 99 percent sure that the DOE will approve Tesla’s request. Previous reports have said that the DOE has already informed Tesla that it expects to “disburse funds” from Tesla’s loan application within four to five months.

Either way, a New York Times article by Randall Stross voiced opposition to a government loan for Tesla. Musk’s response? “Randy Stross is a huge douchebag…and an idiot” We support you Musk and we think handing Tesla $350 million to produce the Model S sedan is definitely a no-brainer. Not only because we’re car geeks that want to see the Model S on the road – because we support Tesla electrifying future.

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Live from California: Tesla Model S Sedan:


Elon Musk calls NYT reporter a “huge douchebag… and an idiot”:



Tesla Model S Sedan:


– By: Kap Shah

Source: Tech Ticker

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