Pontiac dealers will have to wait to learn about brand’s strategy, Trans AM Firebird may return

When GM submitted its viability plan to Congress in December it said that it would reposition Pontiac as a “niche” brand but offered no time schedule or details. According to Susan Docherty, Pontiac dealers may have to wait until next year to learn GM’s strategy for the brand.

“The Pontiac decision is pretty low on the priority list for right now,” Docherty, vice president of Buick-Pontiac-GMC, told Automotive News. “The decision we make for Pontiac is not going to be the savior for GM.”

One possible future vehicle includes a rear-wheel-drive sports car that brings back Pontiac’s performance heritage  – or a new version of the Trans Am Firebird. Another vehicle includes a sporty car that appeals to Generation Y consumers. The compact car may be available in two or three variants including a sedan, coupe and wagon.

Docherty said that identifying Pontiac’s new identity as a “niche” has created more questions than the brand needs right now.

“I think if we had to write the viability plan over again, that word would have been on the delete button.”

– By: The Daily Auto Editor