Toyota A-BAT will remain a concept… at least for now

The Toyota A-BAT (yes, that awkward looking pickup concept) will remain a concept for the foreseeable future according to a report by Bob Carter, Toyota Motor Sales USA vice president and general manager, said that the A-BAT is not one of Toyota’s top priorities right now.

“The market has changed dramatically over the last 12 months,” Carted told “We always keep reprioritizing – under good economic or recessionary times – what our planning is. [For now], it’s on the shelf.”

Last year it was reported that the unibody A-BAT had received the green light from Toyota executives and that suppliers had placed their bids for the production of the A-BAT. 

Carter didn’t say exactly why the A-BAT had been shelved, but we’re guessing consumer behavior and the economic downturn played a huge part in the decision.

– By: Omar Rana