2009 New York: SMS 570X Challenger comes to NYC with 700 horses

Steve Saleen and his brand new company, SMS Limited, showed off their very first production vehicle here at the 2009 New York Auto Show – the SMS 570 Challenger. Based on the Dodge Challenger R/T, the SMS 570 Challenger features an SMS Red Butterfly Induction hood and other SMS ultra-high performance elements like an upgraded drivetrain, suspension, aerodynamics, tires, wheels and interior.

SMS will offer the car in two trim-levels including the SMS 570 Challenger and SMS 570X Challenger. Power outputs come in at 500-hp for the SMS 570 Challenger and 700-hp for the SMS 570X Challenger.

Pricing starts at $64,870 for the SMS 570 Challenger and $84,970 for the SMS 570X Challenger. Both models will carry a bumper-to-bumper factory warranty.

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2009 New York: SMS 570X Challenger:



– By: Kap Shah