Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion on sale for $6 million

The one-off Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion that was built for Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe owner Ronald Hall is up for sale. We’re guessing Hall wasn’t too satisfied with his Pininfarina creation or thought he could rake in a couple of million for his one-off Drophead Coupe during the economic downturn.

The Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion has a body made of carbon fiber with the doors made of solid wood. Power comes from the same 6.75L V12 making 450-hp. 

The car is on sale now at for € 4,500,000 ($6,033,789 USD).

Pininfarina Rolls-Royce Hyperion:



– By: Kap Shah

Source: JameList