Poll: Ford considering Focus RS for the U.S., would you buy it?

All of you high-performance hatchback lovers may now rejoice. Ford is considering bringing its 305-hp 2009 Ford Focus RS to the U.S. According to Hermann Salenbauch, FoMoCo’s director of advanced product creation and global performance, the decision to sell the Focus RS in the U.S. depends on enthusiasts such as Focus SVT owners.

Ford is looking for “feedback from the media and customers” Salenbauch told Automotive News. “How much do they like it? Is it really what they want? We are pretty confident that it is.”

The next-generation redesign and Europe-engineered 2011 Ford Focus goes on sale in the U.S. in late 2010. The RS model for the U.S. would be based on that platform.

Would you buy a Ford Focus RS if it came to the U.S.? Have your say in the poll below.

2009 Ford Focus RS:



– By: Omar Rana