This Week in Photos: 3-30-2009 – 4-5-2009

With the 2009 New York Auto Show just days away, this week we saw some previews of the cars we’ll see live in person next week. Check out photos of the new Acura ZDX Crossover Concept, 2010 Subaru Legacy, 2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG, 2010 Kia Sorento, Mitsubishi Outlander GT Prototype, Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept, 2010 BMW X5 M and the 2010 BMW X6 M.

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2009 Dodge Challenger SE Rallye (View Photos):




Acura ZDX Crossover Concept Teasers (View Photos):




Hyundai Genesis Prada (View Photos):




2010 Subaru Legacy (View Photos):




2010 HPE700 Camaro (View Photos):




2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG (View Photos):




MTM Audi TT-S (View Photos):




Alfa Romeo MiTo Veloce (View Photos):




2010 Kia Sorento (View Photos):




Kia KND-5 Concept (View Photos):




2009 Ford Focus X Road (View Photos):




2009 Chevrolet Caprice (Middle East) (View Photos):




Bugatti Veyron (Two-Tone Gold Exterior) (View Photos):




Mitsubishi Outlander GT Prototype (View Photos):




Ford Transit Connect Family One Concept (View Photos):




2010 BMW X5 M / 2010 BMW X6 M  (View Photos):