Fukui: Honda Insight will not enter price-war with Prius, new hybrid system for larger cars coming

Just two days ago, it was reported that Toyota will lower the price of the 2010 Prius in Japan to make the hybrid more competitive with the 2010 Honda Insight. Today, Honda’s CEO Takeo Fukui said that he will not lower the price on Insight anymore.

“I don’t think that would be meaningful to do so,” Fukui told Automotive News. “I think that is something we can’t do right now,” he said. “We have to carefully examine the new Prius to know whether it is necessary for us to take certain measures.”

Dealers in Japan have said that the 2010 Prius will carry a starting price tag of 2.05 million yen ($20,750 USD).

Fukui also said that Honda is working on a hybrid drivetrain for larger cars and will abandon previous targets to rely on clean diesels in the large vehicle segment.

Next year Honda will also launch the CR-Z hybrid along with a hybrid version of the Fit.

2010 Honda Insight:



2010 Toyota Prius:


– By Omar Rana