Videos: First Tesla Model S owner gets a ride from Elon Musk

The Tesla Model S sedan that was unveiled on March 26 wasn’t just some concept car that Tesla Motors threw together for the launch event at SpaceX – they were actually pre-production prototypes that you can drive around and get a real feel for Tesla Motors’ second model.

Either way, CEO Elon Musk gave rides to the first paying customers (Tesla just reported yesterday it has received 520 reservations for the Model S). Steve Jurvetson, already an owner of the Tesla Roadster, was at the very top of the list of customers received the first ride.

Lucky for us, Jurvetson brought his camera along to record the experience while Musk piloted the Model S bumping some OutKast from his speakers.

Click through for the two videos.





Tesla Model S Sedan:


Image Source: Flickr