GM and Chrysler get court orders to get their equipment back from Transcast

Chrysler and General Motors have both secured court orders to remove their equipment from Canadian parts supplier Transcast Precision. The move shut down two Chrysler plants in Canada on Thursday putting a stop to the production of the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger and Challenger in Brampton.

Spokesman Max Gates said that Chrysler is looking for the parts at other plants to get the vehicles back into production. GM’s spokesman Dan Flores said that no GM plants have faced disruption.

According to sources, Transcast Precision told the two automakers that it was going shut down or liquidate unless it received higher prices for its parts. The issue then headed to court where the Ontario Superior Court of Justice issued court order for the two automakers to reclaim their equipment and machinery.

“GM will not tolerate the coercive behavior exhibited by Transcast,” Flores said.

– The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Detroit News