Toyota: “We want GM to keep going”

Toyota executives said today that they wish the best for General Motors and said that March U.S. sales data show that the American auto industry is approaching recovery.

“We don’t see it as an opportunity,” said Yasuhiko Ichihashi, Toyota’s senior managing director. “We want the American market to return to health.”

Japanese automakers have previously said that the fall of a U.S. auto industry would hurt their business since they share parts suppliers. Many foreign automakers think the collapse of an industry leader like GM would hurt consumer spending causing a further drop in demand.

Ichihashi said that it still might be to early to say that the drop had bottomed out; however, he said that March sales show some hopes of a recovery.

“We hope the American market will recover soon,” Toyota executive Masayuki Nakai said. “We want GM to keep going.”

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: Detroit News