Report: There is no such thing as a BMW Z2

Just last week we heard reports that the BMW Z2 has been given the green light of approval with a concept headed to the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in Sept. Today, however, iMotor is reporting that there will be no BMW Z2 with no plans to introduce such a small roadster within the next decade.

“Everyone in the motoring media seems to be talking about this car but it”s not on my product plan and that lists the forthcoming models for the next 10 years,” a source told the publication.

Not only that, the source said that he hadn’t even heard any “internal gossip” on the Z2.

“Even if such a car was being discussed, and I”m not aware that it is, there is no way it could be brought into production in the time scale a lot of people are suggesting. It takes far longer than two years to sign-off a car, test it, set up tooling and build the thing.”

Warning: We’re not sure if this is a April Fools report – so you’ll just have to wait until Sept. and see.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: iMotor