McLaren working on a line of supercars to compete with Bugatti and Koenigsegg

Under the guidance of CEO Ron Dennis, McLaren is planning to climb back to the top of the supercar ranks with a line of new high-performance models including a successor to the F1. According to AutoCar, McLaren is looking to take on high-end performance models such as those produced by Bugatti and Koenigsegg.

Sources say that McLaren will use the Ferrari 430 Scuderia and the Gallardo LP560-4 as the benchmark for a line of new supercars that will be designed and engineered in the UK.

According to recent interview with CEO Dennis, McLaren has earmarked £250 million ($331 million USD) for its supercar program. Also, unlike its predecessor, the next McLaren F1 will see a larger production run.

Sources say that McLaren has been talking to its Formula One partner Mercedes-Benz to re-engineer its engines or its upcoming models. While nothing is official yet, AutoCar says that McLaren is looking at Mercedes-Benz’s 6.2L V8 AMG for its supercar lineup.

– By: The Daily Auto Editor

Source: AutoCar