Hennessey GTR700 sets top speed record for the Nissan GT-R (with videos)

Hennessey Performance Engineering is claiming to have built the fastest R35 Nissan GT-R in the world – and while it’s April 1, we’re not kidding.

Using its GTR700 upgrade kit (which adds turbos, inter-coolers, blowoff valve and electronic boost controller), Hennessey’s Nissan GT-R produces 725-hp with a maximum torque of 630 lb-ft. That allows for a 0 to 60 mph run in just 2.8 seconds.

The top speed record was set at the March Texas Mile event where the Hennessey tuned GT-R went from 0 to 193.7 mph in 1mile.

The Hennessey GTR700 can be purchased for $18,500 or $24,500 installed.

Click through to see videos of the record-setting run .

– By: Kap Shah