2009 Geneva: 2011 Opel Ampera officially revealed (with video)

While the future of Opel remains in question, General Motors’ German brand has unveiled the new European version of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt – the 2011 Opel Ampera. The extended-range electric-vehicle is scheduled to enter prodution in 2011 and will be available in right-hand drive in the UK with a Vauxhall badge.

As you can see, the 2011 Opel Ampera looks much better than our Chevrolet Volt. Why? That’s because the design for the Amera was influenced by Opel”s award-winning design theme from Flextreme and GTC Concept cars.

The Opel Ampera works just like the Volt with a 16kWh electric-motor that runs on lithium-ion batteries. On a full charge the Ampera can travel 60 km (37 miles) on electric power alone. After that a 4-cylinder engine kicks in providing a range of more than 500 km (311 miles).

You can check out a video of the 2011 Opel Ampera and the high-res image gallery after the jump.

2011 Opel Ampera:




2011 Vauxhall Ampera:



2011 Opel Ampera in Action: 

Press Release:

Geneva World Premiere: Opel Ampera to Debut in 2011

Electric car with 500 km extended range

Geneva/Rüsselsheim.  The revolutionary Opel Ampera today celebrated its world premiere at the 79th Geneva Motor Show. General Motors Europe president, Carl-Peter Forster, unveiled the extended-range electric vehicle and announced plans to put the car into production in late 2011.

The Ampera will also be offered with right-hand drive in the United Kingdom by Opel”s sister-brand, Vauxhall.

“The Opel Ampera further demonstrates GM”s leadership in the electrification of the automobile,” said Carl-Peter Forster. “Its ground-breaking Voltec electric propulsion system is the kind of game-changing technology the automotive industry needs to respond to energy and environmental challenges.”

The five-door, four-seat Ampera is influenced by Opel”s award-winning design language of sculptural artistry meets German precision, incorporating several styling cues from the innovative Flextreme and GTC Concept show cars

“There could not be a more fitting way to celebrate Opel”s 110 years of innovation in the car industry than by revealing the Ampera,” said Alain Visser, GME Vice President Opel.

The Ampera”s wheels are turned electrically at all times and speeds. For journeys up to 60 km (MVEG), it runs on electricity stored in the 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery, and emits zero CO2. When the battery”s energy is depleted, electricity from an engine-generator extends the Ampera”s range to more than 500 km.

The Ampera can be plugged into any household 230v outlet for charging. GM Europe is analyzing the requirements of a recharging infrastructure for plug-in electric cars with energy companies, including Iberdrola of Spain.