Valet Girls feeling the economic pinch, cuts staff and wages

The economic downturn is hurting everyone from the automakers to the Valet Girls. Yes, you read that right – Valet Girls, an all-female parking company based in Malibu, is laying off staff and slashing its rates.

The company, which charges Hollywood party goers a premium fee to hand the keys to their luxury vehicles to attractive girls in a skimpy outfits, said it is feeling the squeeze with bookings down 60 percent so far this year. As a response to the drop in sales, Valet Girls is laying of 50 percent of its staff, cutting hourly pay and is slashing its hourly party rates from $36 per valet to $26.

Co-founder Nancy Saltzman said that its employees who used to get tipped $300 a night to supplement their $10/hour pay rate, can no longer depend on high-tipping clients. She said that tippers have become so stingy that Valet Girls is now asking its clients for a 20% service charge that goes to the valets.

Source: LATimes