Rinspeed E2 caters to your ‘commuter’ and ‘speedy’ side

So you get rid of your gas-guzzling, massive horsepower car in order to save your bank account from being drained due to (well, not so much anymore) high gas-prices. You then by yourself a minicar thinking you’ll get outstanding fuel-economy (which you most likely will) and will also spend less on your daily commute. Nonetheless, what you don’t realize is that when you feel the “need-for-speed” you’re not going anywhere with the minimal horsepower you have under your hood.

As the auto industry shifts its product lineup to the current consumer behavior of compact vehicles, Rinspeed is one tuner that is embracing that change in the automotive tuning market. At the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, Rinspeed will show the world it’s E2 – a concept car based on the Abarth version of the Fiat 500.

The car offers two different power levels at the touch of button. The 60-hp ‘Commuting’ mode will allow you to average a fuel-economy of 59 mpg (U.S. terms) while the 160-hp ‘Highway’ mode will give you 100 more horses to zip through traffic while averaging a fuel-economy of 34 mpg. All this is controlled by a small button in the cockpit that affects the engine electronics.

We think it’s a brilliant idea. How about you?

Rinspeed E2: