Rumor: BMW working on 3-Series GT, aka Progressive Activity Coupe

The BMW Concept 5-Series Gran Trusimo will be the star at the Munich automaker’s 2009 Geneva Motor Show display next week. Rumor has it that BMW is working on a Concept 3-Series Gran Turismo for the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show in Sept.

The car is internally known as the V3 or Progressive Activity Coupe – meaning instead of the 5-Series GT which is a Progressive Activity Sedan with four-doors, the V3 will have only two doors. The car will be pitched to customers looking for a smaller version of the 5-Series GT. It is even reported that the 3-Series GT will be joined by a 1-Series GT, completing a lineup that will compete in a new niche market that BMW feels is attractive for their customers.

We’re going to have to call this a rumor for now since previous reports confirm that BMW plans on unveiling the production version of the Concept 5-Series Gran Turismo at Frankfurt in December. Sales of the production BMW 5-Series GT will start in 2010.

BMW Concept 5-Series Gran Turismo:



Source: BMW Blog