U.S. highway travel falls for 14th consecutive month

For the 14th month in a row, Americans drove fewer miles, the U.S. Transportation Department said. However, thanks to cheap gasoline prices the decline was not as steep as previous months. Highway travel was down 1.6 percent in December falling by 3.8 billion miles to 237 billion miles.

October 2008 saw a drop of 3.7 percent while November saw a huge drop of 5.4 percent. While there was a national decline in December, 17 states posted a slight increase in miles traveled. Colorado had the biggest jump at 5.4 percent while Oregon had the biggest decline of 14.7 percent. 

While fuel-efficient cars may be good for your wallet, they don’t seem to please the U.S. Transportation Department. The group said that due to less travel and more fuel-efficient cars on the road, there is less money going into the Highway Trust Fund from federal taxes on gasoline.

Source: CNNMoney