Saturn sends letter to customers about becoming a spinoff brand

Saturn owners have received a letter from the brand alerting them that it may be spun off by General Motors as an independent marketing and distribution company, reports Automotive News. In the letter, which was sent out to about 1.5 million Saturn owners, the brand said it will have to continue selling products from other manufacturers or General Motors.

“An independent Saturn would still have its great retailers, and it would continue to source current products from GM through 2011. If successful, SDC at that point would source products from other manufacturers,” said the letter.

A spokesman from Saturn said that the letter was sent out to assure current customers and potential Saturn buyers that the brand is viable and that GM will back warranties and product quality.

Saturn’s General Manager Jill Lajdziak said that the goal of a spinoff brand will be to find future vehicles to sell that match Saturn’s theme of affordable and fuel-efficient vehicles.