Ford’s ECOnetic Range to be displayed at Geneva

While digging through Ford’s lineup for the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, we came across details of its ECOnetic range that will be present in Geneva next month.

The star of the ECOnetic range this year will be the new Ford Fiesta ECOnetic which is powered by a 1.6L Duratorq TDCi diesel engine producing a total of 90-hp. That allows the Fiesta ECOnetic with class-leading CO2 output of just 98 grams while averaging a combined fuel-economy of a tree-hugger loving 76.3 mpg (that’s 64 mpg in the U.S.).

Joining the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic will be the Ford Focus ECOnetic and the Ford Mondeo ECOnetic. The Ford Focus ECOnetic is powered by a 1.6L TDCi diesel that helps it return an estimated 65.6 mpg (or 55 mpg in the U.S.). The Ford Mondeo ECOnetic is available in two options including a 125-hp 1.8L TDCi which returns a combined fuel-economy of 53.3 mpg (44 mpg in U.S. terms) or a 115-hp 2.0 TDCi returning 54.3 mpg (45 mpg in stateside terms).

Make you wonder why these cars aren’t the American cars being sold in the United States.

Follow the jump for the press release to learn about Ford’s ECOnetic lineup.

Ford ECOnetic Range:


Press Release:

Ford Econetic RANGE ““ low CO2 ModelS that make A difference

    – Ford ECOnetic: Class-leading, to amongst best in class, ultra-low CO2 emissions with high tech conventional, yet affordable, powertrain technology
    – New Fiesta ECOnetic: benchmark-setting combined fuel economy of 3.7 l/ 100km* and 98 g/ km CO2
    – Focus ECOnetic: 4.3 l /100km (65.6 mpg)* and 115 g/km CO2
    – Mondeo ECOnetic: 5.2 l /100km (53.3 mpg)* and 139 g/km CO2

COLOGNE, February 18, 2009 ““ The Ford ECOnetic range of ultra-low CO2 vehicles on display at the Geneva Motor Show 2009 offers an attractive and affordable alternative to customers who prioritise low emissions performance from their cars.

The latest introduction to the ECOnetic range is the Ford Fiesta ECOnetic with benchmark-setting 98 g/km CO2. It is now available across Europe. Powered by a specially-calibrated version of the 90 PS 1.6-litre Duratorq TDCi engine, combined with coated Diesel Particulate Filter (cDPF), Ford”s most economical Fiesta can travel 100 kilometres using just 3.7 litres of fuel (76.3 mpg)*, on the EC Combined Cycle. This impressive fuel economy is matched with a class-leading CO2 output of 98 grams per kilometre.

This demonstrates that very favourable fuel consumption levels and significantly reduced CO2 emissions can both be achieved using affordable, conventional drive technology, coupled with a clever combination of individual, fuel-saving measures.

Sustainability has influenced not only new Fiesta”s development, but also the facilities behind its manufacture. Ford”s Dagenham Diesel Centre in Britain produces Duratorq TDCi engines for the Fiesta and, with two dedicated wind turbines on site and a third planned, receives all its electricity from renewable sources.
Ford is also sourcing renewable electricity to cover the full electric power demand of its Fiesta manufacturing and engineering facilities in Cologne, Germany. Through this initiative, the company will reduce its CO2 emissions by 190,000 tonnes per year.

Dr Wolfgang Schneider, Ford of Europe Vice President for Legal, Governmental and Environmental Affairs said: “The new Fiesta is the strongest example yet of Ford of Europe”s commitment to, and investment in, sustainable mobility. Fiesta ECOnetic is a compelling, stylish yet no-compromise choice for customers, offering class-leading low CO2 and genuine savings, while also benefitting from our investment in efficient production facilities.”

The Fiesta ECOnetic completes a trilogy of production models in the company”s European vehicle range that also includes a Focus ECOnetic returning a combined fuel consumption of 4.3 l /100km (65.6 mpg)* and 115 g/km CO2 and a Mondeo ECOnetic with 5.2 l /100km (53.3 mpg)* and 139 g/km for the four- and five-door version.

After the introduction of the Focus ECOnetic in February last year 5,647 customers across Europe opted for this version during 2008. In total 7,775 ECOnetic vehicles hit European roads in 2008 with Belgium, UK and France being the strongest markets. Together with the Mondeo and the Fiesta ECOnetic, both of which were launched in late 2008, Ford of Europe is confident that its environmentally advanced ECOnetic model range will continue to develop and attract an increasing number of customers in 2009.