Nissan’s all-electric car to debut next year with a range of 100 miles

Nissan’s product planning and strategy director Mark Perry says that Nissan’s new all-electric car will start selling next year and will have a 100 mile range on battery-power alone. Perry told the Chattanooga Engineers Club that Nissan will kick off production of the car and its lithium ion battery pack at its Smyrna plant.

Perry said that Tennessee will be the launch market for the all-electric car in 2010 which will seat five passengers and be similar in size to the Sentra and Versa. He pointed out that the 100 miles of gasoline-free driving is more than double the range of its competitor’s electric cars. The car should take about four to eight hours to reach full-charge with plans to reduce the time frame to four hours by 2012.

Pricing wise, Perry said that the cost of a conventional gasoline car in the similar size category ranges from $28,000 to $30,000. He said that the government is offering up to $7,500 tax credit on electric-cars and said that maintenance costs will be $1,350 less for the pure-electric car when compared to a conventional gasoline car.

It was reported earlier this month that Nissan is seeking U.S. government financing to help it build electric-cars and develop advanced lithium-ion batteries.

Source: Detroit Free Press