Mazda continues Michael Phelps sponsorship after video apology to China

Mazda Motor Corp. said that it won’t stop sponsoring record-breaking Olympic swimmer after he issued a video apology to his Chinese fans for smoking weed from a bong. As you all probably know by know, a picture of Phelps popped up earlier this month showing the 23-year old Olympic gold medalist inhaling from a bong.

Phelps had signed a seven-figure contract to represent Mazda in China last month. “We were shocked on learning the news and we regret such behavior,” Mazda Motor Sales Co. said in a statement today. “But Phelps has since apologized and is determined to learn from his mistake, especially since he apologized to the Chinese public through a videocast.”

Phelps has been banned by USA Swimming from competing for three months starting Feb. 6. USA Swimming also withdrew financial support during the period.

You can check out the video after the jump.


Source: Bloomberg