BMW Performance to offer engine upgrades for the 135 and 335

The lovers of all things BMW, BimmerFile, have learned that BMW Performance will be offering an output upgrade for the N54 twin-turbo found under the hood of the BMW 135 and the 335. The N54 is the popular 3.0L twin-turbocharged inline 6-cylinder engine that BMW says produces 300-hp (on the stateside).

The new BWW Performance Power Kit will offer a software and performance upgrade that will give the N54 a boost of 20-hp. In European terms that means the engine will now produce 326-hp and 450 Newton meters of torque. In the U.S. that translates to around 321-hp and 336 lb-ft.

The kit has yet to be made official for the U.S. but we have been hearing for sometime now that we can expect a BMW Performance Power Kit sometime in April.

You can check out a video and the high-res image gallery of the BMW Performance 1-Series and 3-Series after the jump.

BMW Performance Parts for 1-Series and 3-Series:




BMW Performance Parts for 1-Series and 3-Series Video:


Source: BimmerFile