Nissan and Chrysler postpone vehicle sharing, next Titan and small-car delayed

The horrible economic conditions seemed to have found their way to two Nissan and Chrysler joint venture projects. The two automakers said that they have postponed plans to share a North American built small-car and a full-sized pickup.

That means at least for now, there is a hold on the new Nissan Titian which would have been derived from the Dodge Ram and a hold on a future Nissan small-car that will use a Chrysler design. Both companies said that the third-project where Chrysler will sell a version of the Nissan built Versa sedan will continue on schedule, reports Automotive News.

The two automakers said that the reason for postponing the two projects is due to the slow global economy and the dollar-yen exchange rates

“Because of current economic conditions, Nissan and Chrysler teams working on the two other projects have been asked to ensure that financial objectives for both companies can be met before these two projects move forward,” Nissan North America Inc said in a statement.