Wiesmann GT MF4 Roadster Teaser Released

Along with the GT MF4-S, Wiesmann will be bringing the all-new GT MF4 Roadster to Geneva in March. A teaser of the Wiesmann GT MF4 Roadster popped up online today giving us a hint as to what the finished product will look like.

Wiesmann is expected to offer two engine choices with the GT MF4 Roadster with the entry-level being a BMW 4.8L V8 making 367-hp. The range-topped is expected to carry the new BMW M3’s 420-hp 4.0L V8 that.

No word on how many units of the GT MF4 Roadster Wiesmann will produce or what the price tag will be. That information will be available in March.

Wiesmann GT MF4 Roadster:


Source: auto motor und sport (via WCF)