Saleen owners have considered purchasing Dodge Viper business

As you’ve probably heard by now, a company known as MJ Acquisitions has purchased most of Saleen’s street-performance car, aftermarket and supercharger business. According to Automotive News, it is now reported that MJ Acquisitions along with other Michigan auto-related companies have considered buying Chrysler’s Dodge Viper business.

Chrysler announced recently that it has had three offers for its Viper business since the automaker put it up for sale in August 2008. Chrysler declined to name the three companies from which it received offers.

According to Mike Shields, who owns a controlling interest in MJ Acquisition, Cyltec, Arrow Racing Engines, Control-Tec and Power-Tec Engineering, the group has considered purchasing Viper.

Shields would not say whether his group is among the three bidders Chrysler speaks of. The Viper operation includes a factory in Detroit, the workers and the car itself.