Brand Spankin’ New Images: n2a Motors Anteros, the Italian ‘Vette

n2a Motors has released a new round of pictures of their Anteros coupe and roadster that were shown at the 2008 LA Auto Show last year. The n2a Motors Anteros is based on the 2009 Corvette and basically provides us with a look at what the Italian version of the ‘Vette would be like.

The n2a Motors Anteros is build from lightweight carbon fiber and will be available to customers in either a coupe or convertible. The convertible Anteros carries a LS3 V8 making 430-hp and the coupe features Lingenfelter”s 630-hp performance package.

Deliveries of the Anteros began last month. n2a Motors is now taking orders with pricing starting at $149,500 for the coupe and $154,500 for the convertible. An Anteros coupe built on the Z06 platform will cost you $176,500. Performance packages ranging from 525-hp to 1,000-hp are available for extra cash.

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n2a Motors Anteros:



Source: WorldCarFans