Citroen to move brand upscale, bringing back the DS line

Citroen is planning to go upscale. The French automaker will reveal a new re-branding initiative that will introduce a “new-premium” product line along with other changes to its 3,300 global dealer network. The move coincides with Citroen’s 90th birthday and will be the first update to the brand’s logo since 1985.

According to marketing director Xavier Chardon, the re-branding of Citroen will include a new marketing slogan and a new global Web Site.

“The brand has been lagging behind the cars for some time,” Chardon told Automotive News Europe. “We”re taking action today so customers want to come to Citroen for what the brand represents and not just out of interest in a given model.”

The re-brand project will include a range of new upper-end Citroen vehicles which Chardon says will have added value and elements of the premium segment. Sources say that the new cars will mark the rebirth of Citroen’s DS line. The first model, rumored to be called DS3, is expected to arrive later this year or early 2010.