Scion to add 4th model within three years

Scion is planning on expanding its vehicle lineup with another vehicle that will join the xB, xD and tC. According to Scion’s Vice President Jack Hollis, Scion will replace the tC within the next two years. The tC, which made its debut 7 years ago, has yet to receive a major redesign; however, Hollis says that will not be the case for other Scion models.

“There are some that are going to be short. There are going to be three- to four-year life cycles. There are going to be some four to five, maybe five to six,” Hollis told Automotive News. “What we are looking at is: How can we add something fresh to the marketplace every year?”

Hollis said Scion will add its fourth model in about two to three years. He did not confirm what type of segment the car will fit in but said that “there is room for a bigger sedan and smaller vehicles” along with a possibility of a Scion pickup.

It has been previously reported that Scion is considering a mini SUV and even a hybrid model for under $20,000.