Check your bank balance: Aston Martin One-77 still available

Apparently news of 100 people interested in the 77 units of the Aston Martin One-77 was interpreted the wrong way. According to Car Advice sources, 100 of those interested in the very exclusive Aston did not put down a 200,000 pound deposit to purchase the car – meaning those interested can still acquire the rights to own the One-77.

No word on how many units are still available but we do know that Aston will allocate a total of six units for the U.S. market. The rest will probably end up in Europe, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Refresher: Power will come from a 7.0L V12 engine that is expected to produce 700-hp with a peak torque of 520 lb-ft. 0 to 60 will come in the low 5 seconds with a top speed of over 200 mph.

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Aston Martin One-77:



Source: Car Advice (via WCF)