Toyota to advertise Venza and Tundra during Super Bowl XLIII

Toyota today announced its first annual net loss in history – so it’s pretty surprising that the Japanese automaker will be dropping millions on advertising its new Venza crossover and its Tundra pickup. According to KickingTires, Toyota will drop $3 million each on Super Bowl XLIII commercials for its Venza and Tundra models.

Two Super Bowl’s ago, Toyota heavily advertised its Tundra pickup which was well-received. However, now do the huge drop in demand in the SUV and pickup segment it’s puzzling to us why Toyota would drop so much on Super Bowl XLIII ads pitching these two segments. A better pick would be the 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid which hits dealers in April.

The Tundra ad will be titled “Killer Heat” and will show the large pickup handling some extreme circumstances. The Venza ad will ask you “Are you a Venza?”

Source: KickingTires