Nissan and Chrysler to continue deal despite partnership with Fiat

Nissan spokesman Simon Sproule told Automotive News that Chrysler and Nissan will continue to work on their joint projects despite their pending tie-up with Fiat S.p.A.

Sproule said that Nissan and Chrysler will continue to work on the three projects they had agreed upon last year and will also stay in touch for possible future deals. The current deal includes Nissan providing Chrysler with it’s own version of the Nissan Versa and another small-car based on the Dodge Hornet (originally planned to be built by Chery). Chrysler in return will supply Nissan with the next-generation Titan based on its Dodge Ram. All three cars are expected to hit the markets in 2010.

“We remain in open communication with Chrysler, and we will see how the relationship evolves based on the outcome of their future plans,” said Sproule.

In its agreement with Chrysler, Fiat will take a 35 percent stake in the American automaker while giving it access to its fuel-efficient powertrains and small-car platforms.