Infiniti working on next-generation M, QX, hybrid in the works for 2010

So what do Infiniti fans have to look forward to? Besides the Infiniti G37 Convertible and a four-door Nissan GT-R (that’s if they Nissan every makes one), Infiniti fans can anticipate the arrival of a new M and a new QX.

According to John Capps, chairman of the Infiniti National Dealer Advisory Board, Infiniti is tweaking a couple of models including the M sedan and the QX large SUV. In an interview with Automotive News, Capps said that the luxury Nissan brand is also looking to bring a hybrid to the market by 2010.

Capps did not say which Infiniti model will go hybrid or whether Infiniti would go to the Lexus route and create a dedicated hybrid like the 2010 HS 250h. If Infiniti forgoes the dedicated hybrid, we expect them to offer an Infiniti EX hybrid or G hybrid.