Fiat and Chrysler planning 7 Fiat based cars for North America

Sources who have seen the product-sharing agreement part of the Chrysler/Fiat partnership and said that the two automakers will bring seven new cars to North American under the new alliance. Four of the seven vehicles will be from Chrysler while three will be Fiats and Alfa Romeos.

The final plan will be released by April 30th, but sources say that plans include vehicles that will be built on four Fiat platforms, a minicar, a subcompact, a compact and a mid-sized sedan. The cars will be built at Chrysler plants in North America and will be sold through select Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep dealerships.

According to Automotive News, Chrysler dealers will get two minicars – one will be the Fiat 500 3-door hatch while the other will be a Chrysler or Dodge badged 5-door hatchback based on the next-generation Fiat Panda.

For the subcompact segment. Chrysler and Fiat will bring over the Alfa Romeo MiTo (we just jumped out of our seats) and another subcompact for the Chrysler brands.

A compact car based on Fiat’s C-Evo platform will most likely replace the Dodge Caliber. Fiat and Chrysler will also build the Alfa Romeo 147 replacement for the U.S. on the same platform.

Finally a replacement for the Chrysler Sebring and Dodge Avenger mid-sized sedans will be build on a stretched version of the C-Evo platform.