Toyota to cut 1,000 full-time workers in the US and UK

According to Japan’s Nikkei business daily, Toyota is considering cutting more than 1,000 full-time jobs in North America and the UK due to the falling demand and the global economic conditions. Nikkei, citing an unnamed senior official, reported that details of the cuts will be announced by the end of Jan. and that Toyota could cut more jobs in other regions if necessary.

Spokesman Yuta Kaga declined to comment on the report but said that nothing had been decided as of yet.

Toyota has already reduced the number of temporary workers at its plants in Japan to keep inventory in level with demand. Toyota, up until now, has not announced any full-time staff cuts. This will be the first time it will do so since 1950.

Toyota’s North American plants employ a total of 36,000 full-time workers and its UK plants employ about 5,000 full-time staff. It employs 316,000 full-time workers globally.

Source: Detroit News