Top Gear unveils The Stig once again as… Barack Obama

Seems like the Top Gear blog is obsessed with getting traffic from all the car blogs out there and is milking this “unveiling The Stig” story for all it’s worth. Yesterday, Top Gear revealed the The Stig, the shows secret white-helmet driver, was none other than the deceased Graham Hill.

Today the blog reported The Stig is in fact the chairman of crisis-hit Royal Bank of Scotland, Tom McKillop. Following that the site said that The Stig is actually our 44-th President, Barack Hussein Obama.

The site editors quoted President Obama saying: “I didn’t expect to win, it was just something to do until the Fall TV season. I expect being President of the United States of America is pretty full on, but I’d hate to miss the next series because we’ll probably be putting that new Ferrari round the track.”

Well, here is just one more reason to love and respect our new President.

Source: Top Gear