Fiat 500 may come to Chrysler dealerships in under 18 months

While we love bringing you the political side of the automotive industry news, we here at eGMCarTech are true product junkies that love looking under the hood, getting behind steering wheel, putting the key in the ignition and hitting the pedal.

So while some may love the Fiat/Chrysler partnership and some may hate it, we’re excited to see what cars the Italian automaker will send over to the U.S. According to Motor Trend, Chrysler is considering a cash program to fast track the Fiat 500 for the sale in the U.S.

If those supporting the plan get the go-ahead from Chrysler executives, the Fiat 500 should be here in “well under 18” months a source told Motor Trend.

Of course, we’d love to get the Alfa Romeo MiTo as well, but we can be patient.

Source: Motor Trend