Mazda CEO: Ford and Mazda relationship remains unchanged

Ford still loves Mazda – or the other way around. Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO of Mazda’s North America operations, said that the Japanese automakers relationship with Ford has remained unchanged and is as strong as ever.

Ford reduced its ownership in Mazda from 33.4 percent to 13.4 percent last year – letting go of its controlling interest in Mazda. Nonetheless, O’Sullivan said that both automakers are pursuing joint ventures that are 50/50.

“The other piece that remains unchanged is that we are working very closely with them on technology, hybrids ““ all of the things that are happening related to product development,” O’Sullivan told reporters. He said that four of Ford’s top executives were once Mazda employees.

The only change O’Sullivan pointed out was that he and a handful of other Mazda executives were still on Ford’s payroll until Jan.

Source: Detroit Free Press