Time to cut CO2: Bentley plans biofuel concept for Geneva

Hoping to set itself apart from other luxury-car makers, Bentley will show off some ‘green’ technology at the upcoming 2009 Geneva Motor Show. The automaker said that it is making a “significant investment” to allow its entire lineup to operate on biofuel. So after unveiling the fastest four-seat convertible in Detroit earlier this week, Bentley will bring a biofuel concept to Geneva in March.

“Our commitment to this strategy is such that we plan to accelerate the introduction of our first biofuel-compatible car, which will make its world premiere in Geneva this March,”  Stuart McCullough, a Bentley board member said in Detroit. “I can mention little more about that car before then, but let me reassure Bentley enthusiasts it will remain true to the Bentley tradition.

McCullough said that while addressing the issue on fuel-economy and CO2 emissions, the Bentley concept in Geneva will retain the Bentley level of performance. Bentley has previously said that it plans to release a full-range of flex-fuel engines throughout its lineup by 2012. The luxury-automaker plans on cutting CO2 emissions by 15 percent during the same period.

Source: Inside Line