British Fabrio announces GTS350 Supercharged Track Day Car

Fabrio Sports Car has announced their 2009 Track Day Car which will have a limited production of 25 units. The track going car is based on the GT350 Supercharged model with an intercooler and upgraded injectors pumping out 350-hp while weighing in at 956kg (2,103 pounds) – that’s a 366-hp power to weight ratio.

The 2009 Track Day Car will be sold with a list of options to customize the car for enthusiasts that have more than enough money to take out their frustrations on a track. The new model keeps its carbon fiber body with an addition of a fuel-bag tank, an uprated gearbox with limited slip differential, dry sump and low profile Toyo R888 tires.

The car will be good for the road until it is specifically built for the track with an FIA approved roll-cage. 350-hp not enough for you? Higher output option are available with up to 450-hp (a 471-hp/ton).

Note: Pictured above is the standard Fabrio GTS.

Source: AutoBlog