Former mayor who hated BMW drivers dies in high-speed crash while racing a BMW

Robert Cartwright, a 50-year old former mayor, had always complained that BMW and Mercedes-Benz drivers were arrogant in their driving style. According to the Telegraph, Cartwright recently passed away in a tragic high-speed crash while racing a BMW.

Cartwright was on his way back from meeting his fiance, Josephine Gibb, who said that he always had a thing about BMW and Mercedes drivers and said that they drive “as if they own the road.”

“Sometimes it would affect his driving towards them,” Gibbs told the media. “He would speed up, but not always. If they were driving fast, he felt as if he had to as well.”

Cartwright was racing a BMW 320 estate in his Suzuki Ignis along a one mile stretch of the A1079 dual carriageway when his Suzuki, which was trying to overtake the BMW, flipped into the air and onto oncoming traffic. The driver of the BMW, Kurt Stansfield, also 50-years old, said that he was driving within the speed limits when Mr. Cartwright began to tailgate him.

“I didn’t want to race, I didn’t want a competition. He was quite aggressive. I kept thinking ‘What is he playing at?’,” he told the police.

Stansfield was arrested and later released a verdict of accidental death.

Source: Telegraph