Ford, General Motors and Chrysler not attending 2009 Tokyo Motor Show

We reported yesterday that the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show may be canceled since some non-Japanese automakers have decided not to attend the October show. It seems like General Motors, Chrysler and Ford are some of those “non-Japanese” automakers.

According to Rick Brown, president of GM Asia Pacific, the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show had cost GM about $2 million dollars. Brown says that the money that will be better spent elsewhere.

“We won’t be participating,” Brown told Automotive News today. “If you really look at the business conditions that we are in right now, where we really have to make a bang out of every buck we spend, it’s simply a business decision.”

Chrysler has made the same decision according to Kaori Beppu, a spokesperson for Chrysler Japan. “We regret that we will be losing a great opportunity to appeal the company’s presence at one of the international auto shows, but Chrysler will continue to offer Japanese consumers the very attractive product portfolio as well as the quality services,” Beppu said in a written statement.

Japanese media reported yesterday that Ford will also be a no-show this year.